argaiv1319 MagniPost be your social media watchdog.


MAGNIPOST lets organizations provide employees with the use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn within regulatory environments.

MAGNIPOST allows your organization to:

  • Communicate easily and control the content.
  • Empower your business or department to post online with confidence.
  • Archive and manage all online communication with administrative and compliance control.
  • Automate your own postings for continuous updates.



  • Posts messages from admin account to all associate accounts.
  • Functions as a central marketing message from organization.


  • Allows users to login and respond to questions or comments.
  • Replaces the use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn directly.

MAGNIPOST Review Dashboard:

  • Captures all postings made to all three social media services.

MAGNIPOST Review Dashboard users:

  • Are presented with information about the user who created each post, date/time, the applicable networks each post was made for and the exact text of the post contents.
  • “Approve” or “Deny” the post. If approved it is made available on the social media site and archived in MagniPost for future search and retrieval.
  • If the post is denied, it is not posted on the social media site and it is still archived with a denial status for future search and retrieval.
  • Can archive posts within MagniPost online database or to Laserfiche ECM as a text file.
  • Provides compliance officers and management a place to review posts made PRIOR or after to the post being made available on either social media site (1.1).
  • Posts made by users from the QuickPost panel will be in a pending status, and not made available until a user approves or denies the post from the QuickPost Dashboard.
  • If a post needs to be revised it can be deleted.