cloudcompute3Experience feature-filled document management... anywhere, anytime.

MAGNIDOC is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), document management system, offering organizations ultimate functionality at a competitive price.

Why do you need MAGNIDOC? MagniDoc offers users instant and secure access, no matter where they are, to a powerful document management system “in the cloud.” Organizations can immediately deploy scanning, search, store and retrieval functionality from the office, or on the road. Plus, organizations can achieve a paperless environment using MagniDoc—a good idea, because up to 7% of company documents are lost or misfiled!

How does MAGNIDOC work?

  • Local software is unnecessary with MagniDoc’s online access.
  • Users are immediately able to access files and search for documents.
  • MagniDoc makes files containing text records such as PDF, DOC, and XLS immediately searchable with OCR.
  • The OCR and full text search functionality allow users to instantly highlight any word in any scanned document.
  • Additional keyword fields or indexing may be applied in order to classify or code individual documents.

MAGNIDOC offers even more features like:

  • Allows TWAIN-based document scanners to scan directly into web-based document library
  • Uploads groups of documents all at once through the upload wizard.
  • Provides user dashboard overview of bookmarked and most recently viewed documents.
  • Applies granular content security at the group, user, folder or document level.
  • Applies black-out redaction at the word level.
  • Transmits with HTTPS and SSL encryption.
  • Provides a shared repository to documents for access across the organization.