emailarchiving1Get a lock on email archiving efficiency.

MagniMail is an email archive system designed to provide automatic archiving of emails directly from your Microsoft Exchange 2007 or 2010 server. MagniMail can be a replacement or complement to many email compliance services you are now using. It supports filing by vendor file or client automatically. And MAGNIMAIL boasts the power of the DISCOVERY DASHBOARD, which makes managing and tracking thousands of messages easy and efficient, and reduces compliance headaches.

MagniMail is an excellent complement to a well-rounded suite of tools that Laserfiche provides for a total ECM package. MagniMail will also integrate well with Records Management Edition or Transparent Records Management strategies.



  • Supports clustered environments
  • Offers email queue, allows email to stack efficiently during high volume times.(tested to 70,000 emails/day)
  • Integrates directly with Laserfiche

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Discovery Dashboard

  • Allows searching based on key words as well as by domains, users, date ranges and with the use of full text.
  • Supports e-discovery requests and aggressive electronic content management.


MagniMail Volume

  • Allows administrators to block domains, email accounts, emails with keywords as well as design a filing path for particular emails using tokens.
  • Does not require installlation on workstations.